About Us

Our Mission

Faith Fellowship is a good-news church that gathers for worship, takes God’s word seriously and seeks to help people take the next step closer to Jesus Christ, whatever that may be.

We exist to bring the awesome life of

Christ to a lost and broken world.

To take it one step further, it really is the restatement of the Great Commission given by Christ in Matthew 28.

Condensed into 3 simple statements:

The lost would be found.

The found would become followers.

The followers would fulfill God's purposes in the earth.

Our Focus

You know how easy it is to fill our lives with clutter, busyness and non-essentials. Though probably not that harmful, the clutter can actually serve to hinder our desire to live an intentional life. We’re discovering that as a Christ-follower, it’s easy to lose our focus and forget what following Christ is all about. We are a church determined to focus on the clear commands that Jesus gave the church.

Condensed into 3 simple statements:

Love God

Matthew 22:37-38
The Great Commandment

Love One Another

Matthew 22:39-40
The Community

Love the World

Matthew 28:19-20
The Great Commission

Love God

At the heart of the Good News is the fact that we were all created by God to enjoy an active, vibrant, love-relationship with Him. We understand that our sin separates our ability to enjoy this. Jesus Christ came to restore this relationship. We are committed as a community of faith is help people in their journey of knowing and growing closer to Jesus.

Love One Another

Jesus said, the second greatest commandment was to love others as well as yourself. To put it another way, if we truly love God it’s only natural for us to love what God loves – people!

As Christ-followers, we were designed to do life together in a common, shared experience. We are committed to seeking, learning and experiencing true Christian community. It’s impossible to ‘be’ the church apart from one another.

Love the World

How many times have the words, “God so loved the world…” passed through your mind? Simply put, if God so loved the world over 2000 years ago… how much more does God love the world today? We have embraced the Great Commission as a pattern for our lifestyle. We are committed to seeing the purposes of God and His passion for the world fulfilled in our generation.

Our Values

  • God’s Worship.

    Worship is our Calling…

    We believe that every human was created by God and the primary purpose for our existence is to worship and enjoy an intimate relationship with our Creator God.

    Our Goal: To develop a community of people who are familiar with the presence and fellowship of God.

  • God’s Word.

    God’s Word is our Guide…

    We believe that the Bible is God’s word and that it is the full and final authority for our everyday lives, offering to every person a moral compass by which they can safely pattern their life.

    Our Goal: To develop a love, hunger and aptitude for God’s Word in all our people.

  • God’s World.

    The World is our responsibility…

    We believe that every person deserves an adequate explanation of the Good News of Jesus Christ at his or her level of understanding.

    Our Goal: To evangelize and disciple the people of Fairview/Lucas and other parts of the world.

  • God’s People.

    The Community is our Family…

    We believe that no one can truly live a Christ-centered life outside of the Christian community of other Christ-followers.

    Our Goal: To provide a community of grace, transparency and accountability for those who desire to fellowship and journey with us through the use of small groups.

  • Grace.

    Grace is abundant & amazing…

    We understand that people make mistakes and are in the constant need of grace. Unfortunately, it’s a human condition. We believe in treating one another as God has treated us. Forgiveness, redemption, restoration … amazing grace!

    Our Goal: To create an atmosphere of ‘level ground’, where God’s free, abundant grace is modeled and made available to all people.

  • Prayer.

    Prayer is a privilege…

    We understand that Jesus clearly said, “My house shall be called a house of prayer for all nations.” And that prayer is truly the privilege of the church that Jesus gave Himself to secure. It is the highest calling and one of the greatest tools given to the Church for realizing the Kingdom of God on earth.

    Our Goal: To become people of prayer.

  • Authenticity.

    Authenticity is healthy…

    We believe that hypocrisy is the bane of the church and that there is true healing and freedom in being authentic in what we say and do.

    Our Goal: To provide an atmosphere of grace, transparency and accountability for those desiring to live in this healing and freedom.

  • Generosity.

    Generosity is a joy…

    We believe God to be most kind, generous and gracious, therefore His church should reflect this.

    Our Goal: To model unforced generosity in every area of the church life.