Why Membership?

At Faith, membership has become the major highway used to commit to growth, connect with others and discover community. The purpose is really to unite us in doctrine, values and mission and propel us on the roadway for discipleship.

The Class

The Class is taught by Lead Pastor Ken Morris periodically throughout the year. This two-hour introduction to Faith is perfect for anyone thinking about membership. This class provides an overview of our church history and beliefs, information about how Faith is structured, and what membership really means.

Child care for children under age eight is available, but is required at registration two weeks prior to the class date.

Membership Groups

The next step is to be a part of a Membership Group. Groups are made up of 10 to 15 people who meet for several weeks on Sunday evenings with Pastor Ken and Jeanie. Groups work through a curriculum that goes into greater depth on topics such as basic doctrine, understanding the Bible, and expectations for Christian living. You will also learn more about Faith Fellowship's historical context, vision, mission, and membership expectations.

Our expectations are simple:

to community.

to grow.

to serve.


Helping people, whether near or far from God, take the next step toward Him.   

Helping people begin and stay on the journey of becoming a Follower of Jesus.   

Encouraging people to find their calling and fulfill God’s purposes in the earth.